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Dec 6
Water Lillies
Dec 6
The Girl in the Gallery
Dec 1
Supermoon revisited
Nov 29
Fireworks Display Blows Up!
Nov 28
Golden Gate Fog at Sunset
Nov 23
Tooth Abcess
Nov 21
In Memoriam
Nov 18
Fishing Boat on Lake Victoria. The sail was made by sewing together old banners for festivals and foot races.
Nov 15
Lost at Sea ( literally, this sail boat washed ashore after a storm)
Nov 13
The Rock
Nov 10
In Denial
Nov 8
Fishing on Lake Victoria
Nov 2
Nov 2
VIKING JESUS. The statue in the cathedral in Reykjavik is tall, strong and stoic, much like the people that settled Iceland over 1000 years ago.
Oct 29
Leaves of Winter
Oct 28
Rembrandt Lighting
Oct 27
The North Rim Golden Hour
Oct 26
The Church of the Spilt Blood. Named for Czar Alexander III who was murdered on this site in St Petersburg Russia. The beautiful artwork are all mosaics
Oct 25
Dying Alpaca Wool
Oct 23
The Veronica Mountains.... the last refuge of the Incas.